A cross platform, extensible markdown editor for technical writers.

Writing technical documents should not be hard

Draftdown takes the difficulty out of writing technical documents making it easy to write your content quickly in markdown then export to other formats like word, html or pdf*.

Simple things that are a pain in other applications, such as embedding code snippets into microsoft word, or trying to quickly mock up a diagram to show a system flow. These things should not be hard or time consuming, and Draftdown simplifies your workflow so you can easily write your technical documents and just export them hassle free.

This being said it also supports common standards and 3rd party flavours like LeanPup, Penflip and common markdown extensions to give you a simple one stop tool for creating any type of documents you need.

* some functionality is still being developed or in testing

For Windows 7+ 64-bit, or get the 32-bit version

For Linux 64-bit, or get the 32-bit version

Lets Cover The Basics

It is a given that we support the common markdown syntax, but may as well show it.

As let’s face it this is what you will spend 99% of your time writing.

Export To Multiple Formats


To Word


With Math Support

Our default flavour supports LaTeX math, so no need to use external tools to generate images for your math, just embed it directly in your documents.

This is SUPER helpful for those of you who need to create handouts for classes or to document complex math in white papers.

Need Flow Charts?

We are looking out for you technical writers, we know its a pain to sometimes document flow charts, so we have native support for diagrams.

Trying to document logical flow in markdown or event state machines or behavior trees has never been easier.

Or Sequence Diagrams …

Why stop at just having flow charts, write end to end sequence diagrams with style.

Technical writing has never been so easy.

Multiple Documents!

Editing one document is fine, but we don’t want you to stop there, open as many as you want and re-arrange them as they see fit.

You can even get statistics on your documents so you know how long you have spent rambling on…

Project Support

Since version 0.1.12 we have added our first iteration support for projects, this allows you to load up your leanpub, penflip and other markdown based projects within the editor, making it easier to keep track of all files and images. More features will be added to this as we continue development.

And Much Much More

We have only touched the surface of DraftDown there is much more available now and to come:

  • Export to PDF, Word (Doc), Html
  • Support for multiple markdown flavours (such as LeanPub’s Markua)
  • Support for custom themes
  • Make your own plugins and custom markdown rules
  • Custom settings to alter the editor, i.e. hide line numbers, hide preview, re-size viewing panes.